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National Shipping Program


We are proud to offer encapsulation for anyone who lives in the United States.  Upon booking, you will receive a placenta shipping kit filled with all the items needed to secure your placenta and send it back to us! All encapsulation options are available to out of state clients! 

Pricing is the same as our other packages, however there is a 60.00 shipping kit fee.

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The Process


We mail you a placenta collection kit that will have everything you need to ship us back your placenta including a overnight shipping label. 


The day of delivery, you will take your cooler, and leak proof bag and container to the hospital. You will then take your placenta back home and freeze it according to the directions in your kit.  


You will get clear instructions on when to ship your placenta back to us! Once received, we will notify you and begin processing your placenta. 


Once complete, you will receive a tracking number and your placenta package will be mailed back to you! 

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