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Doula es una palabra de origen griego que significa "mujer que sirve". Hoy en día, una doula se refiere a un compañero de parto, un profesional capacitado que brindará el apoyo emocional, físico e informativo antes, durante y después del parto. Una doula no cubre las necesidades médicas durante el trabajo de parto, pero las investigaciones muestran que las mujeres necesitan menos intervenciones médicas cuando tienen una doula a su lado.



Full Circle Package

Recommended for first-time parents and parents who want more educational support. A childbirth education class is required. (included)


Virtual Package

Distance doula support is ideal for those in another state or those who want the support of a doula without the physical support. 


Labor Support Only

This package is ideal for those who are looking for labor support only such as if they are planning a scheduled cesearean. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss birth doula services and pricing information fill out the inquiry form and we will send over a brochure and booking link for the doula you have selected or a doula with availability around your due date. 

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