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Placenta Encapsulation

It Takes a Village is proud to offer safe, dependable, 5-Star professional placenta encapsulation services. Placenta Encapsulation is a natural way to support the fourth trimester and has been shown to increase energy, promote faster healing, balanced mood, lessen postpartum hair loss and increase milk production, and more.




Flavored Capsules




Hair Oil

Smoothie cubes

Can be added to any package

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Out of State

We are proud to offer a shipping kit for anyone in the U.S. 

Quality Service Provided

  • Highest quality materials.

  • High-quality, light-resistant Amber bottles, protect your capsules and tincture.

  • One placenta is processed at a time, always.

  • Food grade material used.

  • Single-use supplies are used.

  • Free consultations are provided by phone, text, and email.

  • Secure & easy online reservation process.

  • Once your space is reserved, I am on-call for your birth.

  • Follow-ups after delivery of capsules 

  • Chocolates, Salves, Flavored Capsules, Jewelry, and other keepsakes available.

Your Safety is our Priority

  • Upon booking, you will receive detailed instructions on how your placenta should be cared for before I arrive, according to your birth location's protocols.

  • I provide details to you about the different encapsulation methods to help you choose which one is best for you. 

  • An electronic contract is provided. 

  • Full service includes being on-call for your birth, pick up, preparation and delivery with complete privacy & discretion.

  • You receive directions on how to contact me when you are in labor. 

  • Once your placenta is safe with me, I transport it to be processed following proper storage and transportation procedures.

  • In most cases, I start your placenta as soon as I get to my designated workspace. If for any reason there is a delay, I store your placenta properly in a space specifically for placentas.

  • All of my items used to prepare your placenta are sanitized before and after each use.  My workspace is sanitized thoroughly, and any single use items are discarded after each use. 

  • To ensure I provide your placenta with the proper care and attention it deserves , I only encapsulate one placenta at a time.

  • How many capsules will my placenta make?
    On average you can expect between 100-200 capsules
  • What are some benefits of consuming placenta capsules/tincture?
    Utilizing your placenta postpartum may help with things like milk production, hormone and mood stabilization, pain relief, energy boost, iron restoration, growth of hair and nails, etc. Tinctures can also be beneficial for your teething baby of 6 months or older, your mother who is starting menopause, or if your baby is a girl….she may utilize the tincture when she begins her first menstrual cycle.
  • What are some risks of consuming placenta capsules/tincture?
    There are very little risks involved in consuming your placenta. The biggest risks would come from consuming a placenta that has not been stored or prepared properly. Be sure to follow instructions on how to store your placenta until your specialist picks it up.
  • Can I consume my placenta if I have Group B Strep or Genital Herpes?
    Yes! Please notify your specialist so that we can steam your placenta to kill any possible bacteria. Otherwise, it is considered safe to consume.
  • What if my baby passed meconium in the womb?
    That’s perfectly fine. Meconium is sterile. It is simply washed off prior to preparation.
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