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Birth Doula + Postpartum Healing + Childbirth Educator

Meet   Tabby 

My name is Tab’itha better known as Tabby. I am a Birth/Bereavement Doula and current student midwife at Southwest Wisconsin Technical college. I was born and raised in the stop 6 area of Fort Worth, TX and currently reside in Crowley. I serve the DFW Metroplex and travel as well. So far, the furthest I've gone to support a woman in birth is Philly!


I am a mother of three girls ages 11, 9, and 8. My oldest is business-minded and a master of homemade soaps and lotions. My middle child creates lip balm and gives the best cuddles and smile. My youngest is my ‘miracle baby’ and “mini midwife”. She is about as fully vested in birth work and the art of midwifery as I am. If I am not at a birth, facilitating homeschool coursework, or am shoulders deep in my own schoolwork, I am out with my children finding ‘free’ activities in the city and putting in bricks with my church in the children’s, new mothers, and medical team committees. Sheesh, writing this out makes it seem like I have no life. Yet, I do.


I began my path to birth work in 2019 by being trained as a birth doula through DONA. From there I also acquired skills and experiences as a bereavement and cesarean/VBAC support specialist. These two areas are near and dear to me as I have had miscarriages and 3 cesareans.


I am passionate about bringing vital information and resources to my community. A lot of women say this path is a calling. People may think it is a generic statement yet I truly believe birth work and being in servitude of women during such an intimate and sometimes scary part of their life is my calling. I am honored and humbled to be in this calling.


Initially, my plan was to remain a birth doula for about 5 years and then transition into midwifery. COVID however, sent a shockwave through my community and many more. This made me realize that midwives are needed now more than ever as the health disparities and false narratives surrounding birth that even I, myself fell victim to was at an alarming higher rate than pre-COVID. Doulas are just as much in need. Especially in a hospital setting where so many scenarios can pop up.


Lord-willing, after I finish school and receive licensure in the state of Texas, I would like to create a mobile midwifery bus in order bring services to under-privileged areas. Further down the line, I want to be licensed in multiple states so I can become a traveling midwife and even obtain a Certified International Midwife (CIM™) credential. 

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